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What makes this year's new teas extraordinary?🍃

We are excited to share the latest updates from Shizuoka's new tea season. This year's harvest began earlier than usual, marking the earliest start since 1956. Auctions kicked off with Kagoshima on April 4, followed by Yame on April 17, and Shizuoka on April 12. The early start has resulted in higher auction prices, reflecting the exceptional quality of this year's tea.

 The weather has significantly influenced the quality of this year's Shincha. A mild winter allowed tea plants to accumulate more nutrients, leading to richer and more flavorful leaves. The buds began to sprout as early as March, ensuring a timely harvest in April. These favorable conditions have produced a high-quality tea that we are proud to offer.

 This year's Shincha stands out for its fresh, grassy aroma and sweet, full-bodied flavor. The nutrient-rich leaves have enhanced the tea's umami flavor, making it particularly sweet and pleasant. You will notice a luminous green color and a refreshing aroma that promises an invigorating experience. Notable varieties like Yame’s Hatsutsumi offer a light, sharp, and clear taste, providing an energetic and lively flavor profile.

 We believe this year's Shincha will be a delightful addition to your menu, offering your customers a taste of Japan's finest tea. Thank you for your continued partnership, and we look forward to sharing this exceptional tea with you.